Brooklyn Legends Blog – Meet the Influencers

Brooklyn Legends Blog — What’s new?  What’s next?

People throughout the world use social media, the internet and blogs as one of their primary sources of information each day.  It is heartening to see many of my friends and colleagues tell their stories on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, self-hosted websites and blogs.  It has also been my privilege form new friendships and business alliances using these same platforms.


After spending two informative years shaping the Brooklyn Legends Blog, I am ready to take my vision to a new level and expand its reach.  To accomplish this I have recruited some very talented writers, affectionately referred to as my influencers, whom you will meet during the coming months.

Each influencer will introduce a fresh perspective to dynamic women in her peer group, and maintain the mission of the Brooklyn Legends Blog — to provide a vehicle that utilizes research and live interviews to celebrates the achievements of Brooklyn women from the Africa diaspora and the communities they influence, and salute the accomplishments of women throughout the world.  Some of these women will be public figures, others might not.  However, these women will have a lasting impact on present and future generations.

It doesn’t end there.  We have a few “bonuses” in store as well.  We are excited to have you share this journey with us.


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