A Brief Overview – Brooklyn Legends Project

Greetings and welcome to the Brooklyn Legends Project.  I always envisioned an organization that would serve as a catalyst for change in the Brooklyn community.

The first phase in this process was the creation of the Brooklyn Legends Blog, which recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary.  It was important to create a forum that recognized the accomplishments made by Brooklyn women and embraced women throughout the world.  Once Brooklyn Legends took shape, I recruited a go-to team and together we began to lay the blue-print for the second phase in this process — the Brooklyn Legends Mentorship Program.

Through exposure to business leaders, community advocates and visionaries the Brooklyn Legends Mentorship Program will equip a diverse group of talented young women with the confidence and skills they will need to be thought leaders and change agents in their community.  It is my hope their progress will, in turn, inspire their peers to also want to be like them.  This program will launch in 2016.

Beyond the mentorship program, the Brooklyn Legends Project will work to engage residents from the community.  Through the creation of the Brooklyn Legends Leadership Forum, we will be poised to engage the public in our work in many areas – live access and through the creation of a virtual community.

Once the Leadership Forum is in place, we will turn our attention to philanthropic efforts using the Brooklyn Legends Community Fund as a vehicle.  This is a long-term goal that will take shape over the next 3 to 5 years.

Here is a snapshot of the Brooklyn Legends Project.

  • Through the Brooklyn Legends Blog, we will continue to celebrate the achievements of Brooklyn women of the African diaspora and the communities they impact and embrace women world-wide.
  • Through the Brooklyn Legends Mentorship Program, we will encourage young ladies to become effective change agents in their communities and inspire their peers to follow in their footsteps.
  • Through the Brooklyn Legends Leadership Forum, we will create opportunities for women to meet and engage thought leaders and community advocates through workshops and round-table discussions.
  • Through the Brooklyn Legends Community Fund, we will meet community residents where they are and, through hands-on service and other tangible contributions, identify resources needed to propel them forward.

This is truly an exciting time for everyone who has committed to being a part of the team for the Brooklyn Legends Project.  We will be working hard to create a program that will meet – and hopefully exceed – the vision of excellence we have set.

We hope that you will join us for this journey.


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